Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls with Coconut Cream Drizzle

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Thinly sliced apples combined with one of my favorite healthy secret ingredients make these Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls not only delicious, but tipping the scale on the healthy side too!



Sometimes it’s good to be thankful for the little things. Like neighbors with apple trees.

Of course, neighbors with apple trees who like to share is even better.

The thing about a neighbor’s apple tree is that it gives you a much better idea of what organic really means. Yes, these apples don’t look like the glossy ones you find in supermarkets. But you know what they say? Looks can be deceiving. That is absolutely the case with these apples.

“They’re somewhere between a Gala and a Jonathan.”

“What?” I replied with my typical slightly raised eyebrow which I hope makes me look inquisitive. It’s my favorite cover for the standard, underlying condition that I usually feel – confused.

“When I moved here, the guy told me the apples from this tree taste like something between a Gala and a Jonathan apple.”

“Oh,” I said, a big smile spreading across my face. I don’t really care if they taste like a muttly mix of this or that, I’m just glad to have some fresh, organic apples. I decide not to tell her that. “Thank you so much!”

“Well, help yourself if you’d like more. There’s more than we can eat.” She must have sensed the hesitancy ebbing from my being because she continued, “Seriously, help yourself to more anytime you like!”

I envision her looking out the kitchen window and seeing me shimmying up her tree to grab an apple at six in the morning. I suffer from a serious case of bad timing so I could definitely see a scenario like this one playing out. I cringe.

I give her a big smile and say “Thanks!” I walk away with my big bag of backyard apples like I must have just won the lottery.

Life can be so good sometimes!

And I vowed to make some tasty sweets with those apples, and the first item on my list? Cinnamon Rolls! Yes, I know they don’t traditionally have apples in them, but that was something I intended to change.

For the recipe: Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls with Coconut Cream Drizzle


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