Tarte aux Fraise with Balsamic Glaze

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I ate a tarte aux fraise for breakfast, and I regret absolutely nothing about it. It's cool; people do it all the time in France. It's right up there with soft cheese and revolution. I realise it probably isn't strawberry season where you are, but in Japan, they're at their best right now - for whatever reason (perhaps they're imported from Australia?) strawberries are a winter fruit here. They'll probably start to phase out around March... but it could be worse; I haven't seen a real life raspberry in the nineteen months I've lived here. Sometimes I forget raspberries are a thing. Japan doesn't even have raspberry jam, and although it tries to compensate with earl grey & honey dulce de leche, white peach and oolong tea jam, and vanilla bean & maple marron spread... actually, now I've remembered that spread, I can't hold a grudge. Anyway, I'm channeling Europe today. A non-fussy pâte sucrée - crumbly shortbread-like pastry - with a vegan vanilla crème pâtissière - oui, no eggs! - fresh strawberries - red as the blood of angry men - and a sticky-sweet balsamic glaze. Yeah: French patisserie can be vegan. Vive la différence.

For the recipe: Tarte aux Fraise with Balsamic Glaze

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